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Pie, Pie, Always More Pie

Hi! I am Sarah and I’m going to write about one of my favorite topics, FOOD! I love food, I spend a large portion of my day thinking about food, dreaming about food, cooking food and planning to make more food. Cooking is something I truly love like nothing else and I figured I would share that love with you.

I also feel like I should give you a bit of insight into our site name and to do so I am going to tell you a story. A while back my husband and I were trying to find a way to not spend an obscene amount of money on food each month. Our solution was meal planning. Every week, mostly on Fridays, I sit down and write out what we are going to eat for the following week so that on Sunday we can go grocery shopping and move on with our lives. I quickly realized that this meant, I was planning all the food, not a problem for me, but I felt bad for my husband. He had no input, and I would often make food that is not his favorite, things with coconut, cooked mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes, and many other foods that I love, but he does not. So I took our fridge list and turned it into a request list. He started simple he wanted mac and cheese, then it was baked beans, then a bagel breakfast sandwich then he wrote, pie, pie, always more pie. I thought this was apt, he believes in life you can never have too much pie and as someone who last year cooked four pies for our Thanksgiving meal when there were only three people, I heartily agree. I will not only make pie on this site, but it embodies the idea I love that you can never have enough food. Since then I threw out that list on our fridge and my husband has taken to writing pie on random pages that follow to ensure he gets his fix. Now we may differ on our ideas of pie, mine being more lax, including slab pies as viable options, and his being more strict, circular and having fruit, but pie is always enjoyed. I hope you come back and read often for food is something I love and something that should be loved by all.



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