Learning About Food

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I love food. I have been passionate about food for quite a while, always appreciating good food and the tradition and love that goes into cooking. I love that you can always learn more, there are things that are new to be tried, flavors to give a shot. I think the magic of food is that every time you eat it is new and amazing.

I never realized when I started cooking that I would change, my tastes alter as time goes on, things I would never eat based on misconception or not liking the taste change. I realize that food is a journey, from the first time to the last.

For example, when I was younger I hated pears. I thought they were grainy the one time I ate them and avoided them ever since, then I went to a farmers market in Portland, where I went to college and a vendor gave me a slice of pear for a taste and my entire world was changed. I found pears could be juicy and flavorful and delicious and bought some right then.

On the contrary, a few weeks ago I went to a farmers market in Des Moines and I bought Thai eggplants and discovered they are too bitter for my palette and I did not enjoy them. You live, you learn.

I spend most of my time thinking about food, whether I have to or not. I love to think about new recipes and try new strategies, sometimes with disastrous results and sometimes with wonderful creations. I think the magic about cooking is realizing that recipes are not good or bad, they are just something you enjoy now or they are something that you are not ready for yet.

I used to get very disheartened when food did not meet my “high” expectations, but I realized recently that it is not that my expectations are “high”; it is that my tastes are distinct, as are everyones, what I love someone else may not and that is perfectly okay. I just love to learn more and pass on my knowledge in the hopes that it can help someone else. Tips or tricks that I have learned from one recipe and apply to others. I think sometimes we view foodies through these rose-colored glasses and feel like food becomes inaccessible, but I want food to be fun. I want food to excite you like the first time you started cooking. It is pure magic that you can go from nothing to something. That by putting things together you get something new and exciting and wonderful. I also realize that as individuals we develop preferences for types of food we want to eat. I know for myself I am more likely to try cooking a salad or a soup rather than a large piece of meat, it just feels easier and less risky. I love though that the kitchen is where I take risks and get creative and where even a drizzle of sauce can make food look better in an amazing way.

The past year I have really adapted the visual of how my food looks and I realize that garnishes change everything, whether a bit of cilantro adds some pop of green and its sharp flavor or a few sesame seeds add a creamy taste and a crunch.

The most important part of cooking is having fun, so on this food journey make sure you are having fun, if it seems daunting or scary you can just say not yet and move on, do not let food scare you it should be fun, and doing what is fun makes us happier, at least I know it does for me.

As we learn together, are there any things you are looking for recipes for? Things you would like to try? If so leave them in the comments and we can go on our food journey together, learning, trying, tasting, and doing it all over again.



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