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Cooking Through Cookbooks

I like to believe that since Julie and Julia, the fact that I cook through cookbooks in their entirety (seafood excluded) is a dated fact. But, I find when I tell people this they give me an awkward side eye look and say, “Wow, that’s impressive”, my guess is that in their head they are thinking Wow that is so weird, but are too polite to say that to my face. I have only done this once before and have been jumping around between cookbooks, but I think it is time for me to return to this tried and true method.  The first book I cooked through was Giada at Home, by Giada De Laurentis. My husband chose it for me from the many, many cookbooks I own because I like Italian food and he thought well, why not? I did enjoy cooking through it and found that it had some duds and some gems, which I think is most likely the case with any cookbook, some recipes hit the mark and others, well not so much.  I have started to focus more exclusively on my family recipe’s because that is where I keep all my favorites and I want to ensure I have tried them all first.

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My new cookbook adventures have included Mario Batali’s Molto Batali, Shauna Niequist’s Bread and Wine, which to be honest is more of a food memoir, but I have been cooking all the recipes as I go and Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and although she is not a professional cook I enjoy getting to know her as I cook through her works. I feel like reading a cookbook cover to cover and cooking through it you get to know the person behind the food and from their cookbooks. Mario has a unique perspective, Shauna seems like the person I am on the inside and Chrissy just seems like a ton of fun. I have not finished either book yet. I cook seasonally through Molto Batali, so it is hard to estimate what percentage I am through the book.  I am more than halfway through Bread and Wine. In Cravings, I am working my way through the carbohydrate section, but I am enjoying every minute and having fun tasting the wonderful creations.

The most interesting thing is that by cooking through someone else’s cookbook you can see the world of food through their eyes. You learn their go to ingredients, their methods and food become more layered than it has been before. Do you enjoy cooking through cookbooks? Any ideas of cookbooks or food memoirs you would love for me to cook through and test out for you? The picture below shows all of my cookbooks/books with recipes, if you have suggestions let me know.

Cookbooks - 1 (1)



2 thoughts on “Cooking Through Cookbooks”

  1. I loved Ruth Reichl’s food memoir My Kitchen Year. I also like Laurie Colwin’s book Home Cooking. I have never cooked my way through a cookbook but it sounds like fun. I think I might try a Nigella Lawson cookbook. I love her writing and her recipes. 😊

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