Meal Plan, Recipe Roundup

What I Ate Last Week

Last week I ate/cooked the following:

(Sunday through Saturday)


  1. Low-Sugar Pumpkin Bars from Kalyn’s Kitchen
  2. Pumpkin Bread from Simply RecipesPumpkin Bread - 1.jpg


  1. Turkey Potstickers (testing for the blog)
  2. Stir Fry (testing for the blog)
  3. Autumn Maple Salad by Delish KnowledgeDK Salad 2 - 1
  4. Paleo Pumpkin Chili with Beef and Peppers (I omitted the olives) byKalyn’s Kitchen
  5. Pumpkin & Fried Sage Flatbread from FoodiecrushPumpkin Flatbread - 1.jpg

Snack Ideas/Dessert

  1. Spicy Chocolate Cookies from Martha Stewart

Overall: This past week I cooked quite a bit. My favorite recipes from the week were the Autumn Maple Salad and the Pumpkin & Fried Sage Flatbread. What are you cooking for this week? Any exciting finds?



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