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Shopping for Food in College

I wrote before about cooking in college, but that was more the what of what I cooked rather than the process. In college, my process was similar to my process today in the way I started with recipes and made lists of what I needed to cook from them.

Oregon, we need to know this information! For more information watch Portlandia.

I love how this photo captures the feeling of Portland. For a fun kick watch this Portlandia clip.

In college, I would start by shopping at the farmer’s market.

Because I lived in Portland, Oregon, the farmer’s market was basically around all year. I loved walking around and each week I would get one exciting thing or some of my produce from the farmer’s market. I remember being surrounded by many vendors and loving to just walk around see the sights and smell the smells.

Since moving from Portland, I have tried to find farmer’s markets like them. I am lucky that in Iowa, our farmer’s market is wonderful. I do wish there were more variety in the produce and that they could be open year round, but I love how everyone seems to come out for the downtown Des Moines Farmer’s market.

After my trip to the farmer’s market, I would shop at the local Fred Meyer’s. I would cook my meals and portion them out in Tupperware for the week.

Since college, I have struggled more with cooking seasonally, mostly because now that I am cooking for more than just myself I have other interests to take into account.


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