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Refocusing for the New Year

I have written this blog for about 4 months now and I have decided to alter my focus starting now at the end of this year and in the upcoming year. I still will write about food both eating and cooking, but I want to expand into some other areas of my life that I want to write about and share. I have decided that this blog will be one I want to actually continue rather than just scrapping it as I have done with blogs in the past. I am just realizing that although I am passionate about food, I am not so innovative to be able to cook a new recipe every week and have it turn out bloggable. I do not want to share food that I did not love because that would not be me.

One of the ways I want to refocus is a few twists on the title of this blog. I have been considering Always More Pie in a few ways. First I have realized that the metaphor that many people use of wanting another piece of the pie or that the world is a pie with finite slices so better to take my piece so I can have more. I have realized that there really always is more pie, there is no final piece, we can make and create more than we can imagine and I prefer to think that the world is infinitely capable to encompass our many dreams.

Additionally I have thought about the initials of my blog AMP. I did not realize it when creating this blog, but amp appropriately describes how I like to live my life. I like to amp up the things that work well and create a more intentional and well lived life. I appreciate your continued support as I work to really make this blog feel like home. IMG_7513


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