AMP Video Game Challenge 2018

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As I may or may not have mentioned before, for the past two years I have participated in the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge. I find it an interesting way to track my reading and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. I plan on participating in this new year 2018. Last year, in an attempt to be inclusive I suggested my husband participate with me. I realized quickly though that my wanted him to participate was more about me than it was about him. He reads books, but he is going to read what he wants to read and he does not really have an interest in changing that. Oh, well, I realize my underlying motives were more to have a co-conspirator, but you cannot force that on someone.  So instead this year I created a challenge for him. He wants to play more video games, always more video games so in honor of the new year I created a video game challenge.

Keep in mind, I AM NOT A GAMER! I have spent hours watching him play, but usually I am reading a book and although I sometimes help spot the missing piece, when I try to play on my own it ends epically. For example, I tried to play Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. I had watched my husband play all the games a number of times and figured how hard could it be. I did not make it out of the tutorial mode because I could never run fast enough to catch the sage. Here is how it is supposed to be done. I spent 15 minutes trying to catch him and gave up. This challenge is NOT FOR ME. I would not enjoy it and I frankly don’t care. The only video game I have played/play when the mood strikes is Skyrim and I have not gotten far on the main story line. I finally have figured out how to kill dragons though. Although as I level up it gets harder and harder. Anyhoo, besides the point.

The point of this video game challenge is to expand the range of games you play. To get you out of your comfort zone and as a challenge something you are attempting because it is slightly difficult and different than you would do on your own.

I tried to find one of these online, but the only video game challenges they have are do this type of a play on this particular game, some of my ideas have come from that, but most of these can be accomplished with a wide range of games. The idea is that there are twelve challenges and you complete one per month on average, some may take longer and some may take shorter.

Good luck gamers, and let the fun begin. Click below to open up a PDF version to track your gaming progress, on the lines you track the game you played to complete each challenge and check off once it is complete.

AMP Video Game Challenge


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