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Top 5 Reading Goals For the New Year

The past year I have read more than ever before but as I go ahead with my life as a reader I want some reading goals.


  1. Actively Choose More Books- I enjoy them more and read them quicker
  2. Do Not Finish Books I Do Not Like- I am the type of reader that rarely puts down a book and I am pretty sure that will always be the case. I am wanting to not finish books that are creepy, scary or graphic in ways that do not sit well with me, life is to short and I will have bad dreams as a result.
  3. Write More Detailed Book Reviews- I started this year reviewing every book I read, but I noticed my reviews are mostly my impression with a few details if I feel like it. I want to be more detailed in my reviews so I can look back and remember more.
  4. Take More Book Pictures- I get most of my books out of the library and I think it would be fun for me to remember what I have read in a visual format.
  5. Read Daily- I want to read at least one more book this upcoming year than I did last year and I think the key for me is consistency. Reading at least a little everyday helps keep me engaged and wanting to read more.

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