My Happiness Project

January Happiness Project- Cultivating Routines

Tea - 1

As I shared in a prior post, I am doing a happiness project this year. I am taking it slow this year and trying to be more like me, so rather than just do it all. I am working towards one goal at a time. The first routine I have worked to cultivate is my morning routine. I started working towards this in December and only as of the beginning of January have I found one I like. In being true to myself, I started with someone else’s routine and it was bad. I mean like horrible. Not as a routine, all the components worked in theory, but for me it did not work. I ended up more miserable than at peace and ready to conquer the day after the first attempt. Here is why, I started off showering in the morning, which sounds like a great idea, but my entire life I have showered in the evening so I associate showering with sleep. Ergo, I showered felt more tired and cold and grumpy than I intended to be and yeah it was not great.  I then worked out some redundancies and have finally found something that works for me.

It took me 7 attempts total to find a routine that works for me, and I am sure it will change in time. I am trying this because I appreciate routine and structure and I like having an idea of how all my mornings start. This routine works for weekends and weekdays, which is important for me too.

My routine is the following

-Exercise (this changes depending on what I am working on, currently it is Pilates followed by yoga)

-Read a Psalm

-Drink a glass of water

-Make Tea


I am now moving onto creating an evening routine. I expect this to take a few tries as well. The point is that I am finding what works for me and it make take some trial and error to figure that out, but that is okay by me. This is my life, I do not feel like I need to rush it and I think finding things that make me feel whole and at peace when I start my day and when I end my day are important skills for me to feel sane.

Do you have any useful routines in your life? What does your evening routine look like?


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