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Although I clearly love to cook, I also love going out and eating good food. When I say “good food” I do not mean it with any idea of what that is, what I mean is that if I eat it, it tastes delicious and I enjoy it. This food does not have to be fancy or from a small restaurant, I enjoy trying food from anywhere- large chains to the hole in the wall places. All are accepted and enjoyed. Also one other thing to note, my taste is my taste, you may like something different or disagree and that is completely fine. I am not actually a formal restaurant critic, but I enjoy the experience of going somewhere new and seeing what they have to offer, expanding my food horizons and just enjoying not having to do the dishes.

My husband and I have been going out to eat ever since we moved to Iowa. We go out once a week and barring special occasions (birthdays, visiting families and anniversaries) we go to a different restaurant each week. By now we have gone to about a hundred different restaurants in Iowa, some good (some not so good), but we have enjoyed the hunt and exploring to find the best dishes or restaurants you may never have heard of that are great. We go and we eat and we enjoy. This is our hobby, and although at first I thought it was just me, it has become a part of our week we look forward to. Date night at a new restaurant trying new food and being surprised by how it tastes. This habit has made me realize though that I am really into novelty. I also cook in this novel kind of way, we make new food each week, unless we are cooking for others. Each meal is a new trial or test and like all trials there are some that are errors and some that are delights. I find the novelty exciting and it makes me want to cook and explore more.


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