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Meal Planning Ideas


I have been retooling my meal planning by testing out multiple methods. My initial method is outlined here. I am always and probably will always be adjusting my meal planning. I enjoy the whole process so I find it exciting to change it in some way. A few ideas are listed below.

  • Dedicated Types of Meals on Specific Days of the Week- By creating structure in your week you know what to expect and look forward to and gain variety in your meals throughout the week so they do not all taste the same.
    • Meat and Veggies
    • Mexican Food
    • Italian Food
    • Asian Food
    • Pizza/Flatbread
    • Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner)
    • Meatless Monday
  • Meals from the Same Source- By cooking from the same source you will usually use similar ingredients and methods so you may have less costs associated with it.
    • Cookbook
    • Blog

I have found that by varying my cuisine by day of the week I have found I enjoy cooking more and I am excited about the variety of my meals. These are just some food for thought. What ways do you meal plan? Any tips or tricks you follow for added structure or ideas?


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