What I Learned This Winter


Each season Emily P. Freeman does a link up of things she learned this past season. This time I am joining in the fun.

1. I am only responsible for me.

I am not responsible for anyone but myself. I am not responsible for other people’s reactions or their emotions. This sounds obvious but for me was revolutionary. For quite a while, I have believed that my actions determine the emotions of others, but this is just not true. I cannot tell anyone to be happy or sad and I do not write the narratives in their minds.

2. I love the snow.

I spent a few years living in Florida and now being back in a place where it snows is just magical. I love how you wake up and everything is white. I am still not a fan of the cold, but I will put up with it for the magic of the snow. I love how everything is bright and fresh and new when it snows. The whole world transforms in an instant, everything is seen more brilliantly against the white of the snow. Also every time it snows, it feels like a gift from God just for me.

3. Ice skating is not like riding a bike.

I thought because I used to be able to ice skate that I could easily pick it back up, instead I learned ice skating is hard and painful (my ankles hurt the most). If I want to get good at ice skating I will need to practice.

4. There is such a thing as too much sugar.

I have always been someone who loves sweets. But in practice, I realized that too much of a good thing is still too much. I will probably never stop eating sweets, but I think balance is the key.

5. I need to be me, not someone else

I realized this season that I have spent most of my life trying to be like other people. My husband will often say that I try to be like everyone else and I just can’t. Even in my attempts at conformity I completely fail and end up still uniquely myself. I have to allow myself to be me more and to give up trying to be someone else.

6. Expectations can be problematic.

I love expectations. I am all about them, I enjoy meeting them. I am good with expectations, but I realize more and more that expectations are not helping me. In my particular case expectations make me unhappy and lead to disappointment. I am working instead to be present and to occasionally have a plan but not to bank on that plan panning out in the exact way I envisioned; In essence, being more flexible.


I appreciate this seasonal reflection and probably will continue it into the future. What did you learn this winter?


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