Really Seeing Yourself

Reflection - 1 (2)

I recently started to take stock of my life and I have realized that there are a number of years that just seem like a blur. Luckily I kept a blog during this time so I can step back into who I was then and what I thought, for better or more often for worse. I knew that I blogged occasionally prior to here but what I did not realize is that I have had a blog on and off for the past 9 years. That is a long time. Realizing this made me see things about myself that I did not expect. It was like when you get a surprising glance as you walk by a mirror and it makes you do a double take; Like, is that really me? My husband finds this humorous and is like yup that is just who you are, but I feel like it is a revelation because although I was this way I ignored it or brushed it off, I did not find it to be a given. This phase of my life seems to have a lot of that, realizing who I am that I may have been all along, but never knew. Although when it comes to my past blogging self I realize that for a number of years I was the same person and then recently I have experienced a larger shift. The voice sounds the same in those old posts and the ideas I spout come from the same place, but here in the future I am better able to see what matters and what doesn’t. They always say you look back with 20/20 vision and in a way I think that is true, but I just find it surprising. Something new I didn’t know. One tiny piece in a puzzle I will forever be putting together.


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