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Review: Sourdough


I recently listened to the book Sourdough by Robin Sloan on audio. From the moment I first started listening I could tell this was the book for me. Sloan describes the experiences of Lois, a software engineer as she moves to San Francisco. Lois struggles with finding her place in a new career and a new location. She is gifted a sourdough starter and begins baking bread. I loved this book from the beginning because I really appreciated how passionate Lois is about bread and how she dives deep into research and exploring. I was so inspired that I started making sourdough bread each week since I started the book. I really feel that Lois is a well-developed character and her passion and pursuit of a well-lived life come across in this book. Lois is willing to do challenging things and to pursue her dreams in spite of obstacles. The audiobook narrator was wonderful at giving the different characters different voices. The passion for good food was evident throughout the writing and I felt that Sloan did a wonderful job building worlds and providing distinct atmosphere to the settings within the book. I though the ending was not expected, but suited the story and was satisfying. If you are looking for a food-related fiction book, I suggest this be your next one. I rate it 5/5 (which is pretty rare for me).


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