About, My Happiness Project

April Happiness Project

Rising Strong - 1.jpg

My theme for April is to challenge myself. I want to attempt things that take a little more effort and push me out of my comfort zone. I want to try new activities, join new groups and do things I am not sure about. I think pushing out of what is comfortable will lead to growth.

I am starting this today by not eating any dairy. I will write more about the why and how of that later.

I started to do more things I love last month, and I plan on bringing that into this month. I still sometimes struggle with letting myself find the joy in simple things and not having to defend or justify my actions. I will continue to work on that as a way to challenge myself. I challenge me to have more fun and worry less. I think this happiness project is a way for me to get back in touch, for me to find what brings me happiness and see how that can be a part of my day to day life.

Happy April! (the best thing for April Fool’s that I have seen thus far is on Google Maps) I love new months and new beginnings and for me this is both. A point to refresh and reflect, to consider the past and how I want to move forward.


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