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It’s the people, not the food

When I started actively cultivating my life, I became more aware of my self-deceptions.

This awareness gave me the opportunity to do something about it, and I have chosen to make changes in my life that reflect that. One of the things I have realized since focusing on my love of food is that I think food can do more than it actually can. I believe food can make me feel comfort, can make me feel better, can cure a headache and basically just improves my life. Now in certain realms this is true, but I do not want to live a life where I am numbing myself with food, I want to experience all life has to offer good and bad. I know this lesson to some degree, but as I continue being aware I notice its influence in different ways. I first had to recognize that food can only cure hunger and nothing else. I then became more aware of it when cooking food that I ate growing up in my childhood, particularly brownies and lasagna. I made it following the same method as my mother and it didn’t taste the same. At first I though it was because I had done something wrong, but then my husband said to me “It’s the people, not the food.” The food of my childhood tasted so amazing because of the memories associated with it. The people I ate it with, and the safe and inviting atmosphere. I relied on those family dinners more than I was aware at the time. This is often why food I eat with others is tinged with awe, I love the experience of being with people who I love and care about and my joy  influences my feelings about the food. Now, I am not someone who believes that awful food can be made up for with good people, but good food becomes amazing in the presence of people who love and care about you. In that form food is a sign of love, the food cannot substitute for love, but it is a sign of caring and compassion.

This was reminded to me again today. We went to church and another couple had made us food to take home, my entire mood shifted and I became appreciative and loved in a way I always do when someone takes the time to cook for me and to care for me in that way.  I am sure this is a reminder that I will need often and frequently, not to substitute food for the people.


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