My Happiness Project

Tend to the Spirit

For my happiness project, I am using May as my month to tend to the spirit. I used to believe that spirit was going to church or participating in a specific faith tradition. I have slowly learned that although that is important to me, that is not enough. Even if I go to church every Sunday, I do not feel spiritually connected. I needed more, something deeper, something lasting.

Also I should mention that I find spirituality in an amalgamation of traditions.  I take a little from here and a little from there and am slowly making the path for myself. To actually type that makes me nervous, but I am realizing I have to do what make sense for me even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

I have thought of a number of ways to meet this need. To start with, I am reading my way through the Psalms and reflecting upon them. Considering how they apply to me and my life. I have been meditating daily for a few months now and I am continuing with more focus and intention. I have been practicing Vipassana meditation. I do not believe all the tenets, but I have found practical and real benefits within my life and my thinking, so I am continuing. I also practice daily yoga, slowing down and moving my body with purpose.

One other way I have found to tend to my spirit is through books and reading. I plan this month to read more books about faith, and religion. Reading about faith in others inspires and finds way to connect with me.  I have loved the above books and look forward to finding more books that connect with me.

The final way I plan on tending to my soul is by writing in a journal. I write daily and I find that using it as a safe space to explore and consider what is going on internally keeps me sane and helps me to be aware of my thoughts, between this and meditation my awareness increases and my ability to make conscious choices about how I am living my life improves.

How do you tend to your spirit or soul? What practices do you find useful that make you feel connected and alive? I feel like this happiness project has become something I enjoy, a way to explore my life and live in a way that makes sense for me.


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