Maximizing Efficiency in the Grocery Store


Sometimes you want to stroll through the market, leisurely picking out produce and enjoying the atmosphere. For most of us this is not the way we shop, so when we have to shop in a hurry, a few key tips help to keep us less stressed.

Sometimes other people have the ability to see you more clearly than you see yourself. One of these times happened last summer. I had a friend visiting and she was there for our weekly grocery store trip and I realized, I am a little intense when I shop. If I am being honest, I am a little intense about a lot of things. This though might be helpful if you do not enjoy shopping and want to make your trip quick.

  1. Always create a list before you go, and only buy what is on the list or what is essential.
  2. Sort your list by location in the store. This might differ from me to you depending on your store setup. We usually start with produce. Then move to packaged breads, and tortillas. Dairy and eggs are next in our store. Then we move to frozen foods, nuts, chips, canned goods, cheeses (not stored with dairy at our store).  If you are not sure how your store is organized you can consider these basic categories -Produce (Fruits and Vegetables), Grains and Canned Goods- (Probably multiple aisles if you are in a large store), Baking (typically includes spices, nuts and occasionally dried fruits and occasionally oils), Packaged Goods (Chips, packaged bread, many snack related items), Meat, Dairy and Frozen.  If you do not do this do not worry just methodically review your list as you shop and stay in one area until you have found all of your items located there.
  3.  Check off all your items from that section then move onto the next.
  4. Bring other people and assign them specific things to find. Our shopping experience is a family trip and I assign my husband items to get and I do the same for myself or any other people shopping with us. If something requires extra care, I will look for it myself or pass on those instructions to whoever is looking for it.

With these simple tips, your shopping will be more efficient and you may grow to enjoy it!


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