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Shields Up

514254A1-3E14-4CD1-9399-518ADC5B7245.jpegSince the weather has been nicer, I have started looking forward to daily walks. I enjoy seeing the animals and the new plants growing and changing. One thing I noticed though is how surprisingly dauntless animals are. A squirrel might be scared for the moment when we are walking towards it, but if we move a few feet the squirrel will return to where it was and continue on it’s way. We as humans treat fear very differently. We are afraid of things yet to come, of possibilities, we are afraid where there is no present danger. Technically this type of fear is classified as anxiety. We experience anxiety when we are afraid without a real danger being present. We experience anxiety about social isolation, about being ourselves, expressing who we are, about not fitting in.

We arm ourselves as humans. We put up shields, we protect ourselves. This protection comes in the form of selective admissions. We only share what is comfortable, we hide the rest. We do not share what is sensitive or if we do and we get a negative response we fly into defensive mode, we flee, or we fight. Part of me finds this part of humanity to be sad. Why do we work so hard to pretend we are something else? How much time is wasted pretending to be who someone else wanted you to be? If we took the time to get to know ourselves and to do the things that we love, to share that, I think the world would be a much better place. I have an odd obsession with entrepreneurs. I do not want to be an entrepreneur, I have no interest, but I love to see how they work and how their minds function. I love to watch people doing and talking about doing things they love. It lights them up and you can tell it fills their soul. I love this, I get so much joy from seeing other people who are living their truths who are being themselves in a culture that wants us to conform. I think it can be hard to buck trend and tradition. It can be hard to stand up to those around us, it can be hard to admit that we are trying something new and unconventional, but I think those are what make it worth it. When we do what we love, we are happier, joyfilled and we exude this to those around us. By doing what we love unapologetically we give people permission to do the same. I think it is about time to put down our shields and to instead take up the mantle of being ourselves.


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