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Every Book is a Self Help Book


I started drafting a post on my favorite self help books. In the past year or two I have read numerous books on how we can change ourselves. I have made some drastic changes and for me in times of change I hunker down and find my resources. I read and explore and fill myself with information until I am ready to be a part of the world again. I say this dramatically, I am not a recluse nor do I avoid social interactions, but the focus of my days is drawing in and reassessing. In the past, this has been a time of excessive planning and creating expectations. This time was different because I am not seeking a new expectation or a new idea to change my world. I have realized that one idea cannot do that. If I want lasting change it takes time, subtle work and study into how my brain is responding and attempts to shift my way of thinking.

For me gathering information is a huge part of this process. I read quite a bit. I listen to audiobooks in the car and I almost always have a book with me. I know though it doesn’t matter as much what I am reading as it matters how I am reading it. If I am all in and searching for meaning I find many books even not specifically labeled as such. I think about books for that ‘help’ for a while afterwards they inform my worldview and help me think differently. When I live my life, I become more aware and curious.

I love information I enjoy gathering resources and learning about the world. I absorb much of what I read and it informs my worldview and my opinions. This can come in the form of books or TED talks or even television. I know that I am highly influenceable and so I am cautious in what I consume. I avoid materials that are labeled and ‘horror’ or things that are too much, but aside from that I will read about almost any nonfiction topic. All of this informs my worldview and allows me to change it, to shift, to be more understanding and patient. My husband is the one who when I was writing a post on self help books (that I haven’t published yet) said that for me every book is a self help book. Each book shifts my view and makes me see the world through a different lens as a way to consider how we affect each other and how I can be a better neighbor.



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