My Happiness Project

July Happiness Project

00CAE958-19AA-45C6-B6C4-DD46533B9C9F.jpegHappy Fourth of July! Funnily enough I am writing this from Canada. As I sit here reflecting upon my happiness project, I think of what I have learned. I have started to take steps to change and accept myself all at the same time. The month of July my goal is to be more of an activist. I care about the world, but I often do not act. I leave it to others. Here are my current ideas for activism.

  • Watch The Daily Show-to be casually informed
  • Get involved with TeamRWB
  • Get involved-more generally speaking
  • Volunteer
  • Write letters/make phone calls
  • Attend rallies and marches
  • Be more informed-with accurate data
  • Feed the homeless/always have food packs ready to give our at stoplights

I am naturally too scared to act, but I’m hoping that taking action will help me gain momentum and find ways for me to help. What are the ways you stay involved?


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