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Lessons from the Road


Lately, I have been considering labels. We are more than the sum of our labels. We are complex people with diverse interests, ideas and areas of expertise. As my husband and I have been on our road trip, I have been forced to confront areas of discomfort. Although I have some grasp of French, I do not understand it when it is spoken quickly. I find the more I do things that make me uncomfortable the less challenging they are. I again find myself searching for labels wanting to call myself adventurous but realizing there are limits to that adventurous spirit. I’m starting to see that as much as we know each other there are always areas of surprise and intrigue. My husband and I have been together for over ten years and still when we get in the car we have things to say. We do not stay static, but are ever changing and our different experiences and perspectives make discussions interesting. One of the reasons I like to travel is that I like to see the world anew. For this same reason I love information and reading. I find learning about new topics helps me broaden or shift my perspective even if for a moment.



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