My Happiness Project

August Happiness Project

Happy August 1st!

This month I am dedicating myself to creativity. I find myself having the energy and space in my life to want to participate in creative endeavors.

This month I am going to be creative, I plan to…

-Creatively Write

-Write More Book Reviews

-Take and share more photos

-Bake more artistically

-Create more recipes and test them

-Try getting in touch with my inner crafter

-Knit something

-Sew something

-Crochet something

I feel like I am already off to a good start. I started a book called The Pie Life today and was inspired to bake a pie (just for clarity the book does not really discuss pie, but pie as a metaphor for life). The pie was pumpkin and Nutella swirled with a ginger snap crust.

How do you incorporate creativity into your daily life? What creative endeavors do you choose?


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