Musings on Life

What I Learned This Summer


1. Too much of a good thing can be simply too much.

Sometimes I am surprised at how platitudes hold kernels of truth, but for me this summer this was true. I went on a vacation every month and it was too much for me. Also too much food is still too much even if it is delicious.

2. I love stability and routines.

I would typically qualify this statement as a negative, but I realize that stability and routines allow for inner calm and enable me to be a happier and healthier person overall. I have always felt this way but I struggled to know that it was the routine that gave me peace. When I have routines I feel like I am not drowning and can take the time to see the sights rather than plugging all the leaks in my boat, so to speak.

3. I can trust myself. I can love myself. I can accept myself exactly as I am with no qualifiers.

I have not always loved myself. I am hyper critical, but I am slowly realizing I like who I am, I like my ideas and my choices. I like myself. I am growing to trust my inner knowledge and to realize that I can do what is right for me even if others disagree.

4. I cannot solve the problems of others.

This is a lesson I keep thinking I have learned, but over and over again I realize that is not true. I cannot be the solution to the problems of anyone but myself. I cannot fix others. I cannot do it for them, that is not my job. My job is to love and accept and support and to be a listening ear. I am the sounding board and the cheerleader and that is who I am suppose to be, that you Carry On, Warrior for that lesson.



3 thoughts on “What I Learned This Summer”

  1. Whoa! Number 4!
    You sound like my husband when he’s trying to “talk me down” from a tizzy. He says, “There are three kinds of problems in this world: Your problems, my problems, and somebody else’s problems. This is somebody else’s!”


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