My Happiness Project

September Happiness Project


Today is the first of September ergo new goals for my happiness project. The overarching theme is go slow. I like to rush, to do everything now and I am growing to realize that this is unsustainable.

I plan on doing this by focusing on being more present in my interactions and living a life intentionally. The small steps I am working on are:

-Single Tasking- Doing only one thing at a time.

-Take Deep Breaths- When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, taking a deep breath and considering the reality as opposed to the story I have told myself.

-Stop and Think- I want to slow down my reaction time to ensure I am being aware of my choices.

-Have Meaningful Conversations- One of my core beliefs is that connection with others is the reason I am here, so I want to take the time to talk, to delve deep and to bear witness to the lives of other people, as well as sharing my own.

-Be Present- Stay where I am rather than avoiding or trying to plan ahead.

-Be Mindful- Notice the small daily things within my life.

What small steps are you taking in your life to find small moments of happiness?



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