Recipe Roundup

Fall Food Favorites

I am sure I am late on the bandwagon and I have to say I have loved trying out different fall foods. Also none of these recipes are originals from me, but they are all tried and true. I do not want to recommend recipes without having tested them and enjoying them.

Fall to me speaks of pumpkin and squash.

Mini Loaf - 1

I have been recently testing out many other people’s pumpkin bread type breakfasts and my favorite by far are these Mini Pumpkin Loaves from Kalyn’s Kitchen. I love the perfect portion and I found them to stay moist and delicious. I did use the extra tablespoon of brown sugar when making them, but I found them perfect.

Fall may not speak of salads to you, but these are quite delicious. Also I feel like being healthy in the colder months is not always appealing, but these salads for me are a treat.

Sweet Potato Salad - 1

I have made this Sweet Potato & Cranberry Salad from Love and Lemons for years. Also I find that all the toppings and dressing make this salad really work together. This one does take some time to assemble, so either make the sweet potatoes and wheat berries on the weekend as part of meal prep or make the whole meal a weekend meal.

I also love this Autumn Maple Salad from Delish Knowledge. This one I have made with both butternut squash and delicata. If you are using butternut squash be sure to peel it first. This is also one if you want to make the squash ahead of time the salad comes together quickly.


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