My Happiness Project

October Happiness Project


Happy October and Happy Fall!

I have been cooking up fall foods and I plan on posting soon about fall desserts.

As I continue on this happiness project, I have been reflecting on me a year ago. I can honestly say I am already happier on a daily basis. I am learning to find what works for me. To pick myself up when I start again. This month my focus is simple and so are my goals. I plan on listening to my intuition. I want to spend this month focusing on trusting myself. I am going to work on this by doing things I enjoy, not pushing myself in all directions to do things I dislike, something I am good at, but instead accepting what I like and making that the focus instead. I also plan on checking in with myself before adding commitments or agreements to my schedule. I also will work on this by listening to my body when it comes to food, exercise, movement and life choices.

As we start a new month I also wanted to share that I am participating the in the Last 90 Days challenge, which is a plan to end the year the way I would like to start it by making small changes to be the person I would like to be. If you would like more information on this challenge to participate with me, check here.



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