You may or may not have noticed my love of chicken shawarma here. I have noticed in the past two years I have sought out shawarma locally and on two trips, eating shawarma in Ottawa and Salt Lake City. I have a confession to make though, I have not always loved shawarma. I did not grow up eating shawarma, and only ate it with my high school boyfriend (now husband) and his family. When we ate shawarma, there was always a garlic sauce that at the time I hated. I thought it was bitter and too garlicky. Now though as I have aged, I have grown to appreciate it and as I started making shawarma at home using this recipe (pro tip always cook it in the skillet, it crisps it up and makes a wonderful textural contrast against sauces), I noticed that the sauce was lacking. I searched for shawarma sauce and often found a simple tatziki, which I knew my husband would not think was enough. I found this sauce and trust me when I say your shawarma needs it and it will make all the difference.

The one other area of shawarma making that I have lots of opinions about is the toppings. I like to think of chicken shawarma as the middle eastern taco. Yup, I said it, but here is why. You add all the ingredients to a pita (taco shell) and the toppings make each bite different and unique. My favorite options to have include- chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, hummus, garlic sauce, za’atar seasoning, grilled onions, and feta cheese. Feel free to also include olives or tatziki or baba ganoush if you are feeling fancy, or maybe throw some falafel in to change up your protein. I love the flexibility of eating this way. One of my extended uncles once said that the beauty of home cooking is that each bite tastes slightly different, and I love that, especially with a variety of toppings that becomes quite true.


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