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Happy Halloween!


If you know me, you know Halloween in the traditional sense is not my jam. I am not a fan of fear, which I feel so strongly that I find it overwhelming. I hated haunted houses and scary movies and to be honest, I still find them terrible. I am now at a point in my life where I can confidently refuse to go, which has made my life much better.

I love the mysticism that surrounds the history of Halloween, I have always enjoyed stories of witches. I enjoy carving pumpkins and continue to do so each year. Although if I am being truly honest a couple years ago I got quite involved in carving my pumpkin and never made it past the eyes, so we tipped it on it’s side and made the top cut into a mouth.

Halloween 1 - 1.jpg

I love the possibility of Halloween, of dressing up and being someone new, the promise of candy (something I love) and the feeling of kindness shared by those who are willing to answer the door and give away candy to children all night long. As with all things, Halloween is not simply bad or good, but lies somewhere in the middle.

Since moving to Iowa, Halloween feels different, mostly because the trick-or-treating of my youth does not happen on Halloween. Beggar’s night, what I traditionally knew as mischief night, is when kids trick-or-treat here. As of today, that has already happened. The best part of that here is that kids usually have prepared a joke to tell in order to “earn” their candy so to speak. I love the “popsicle” humor and find it to be a fun way to celebrate.

As you start your Halloween, I want to say it will be what you make it, scary, fun, exhausting, the choice is yours. I hope you choose to enjoy it.



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