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November Happiness Project

Happy November!

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I woke up this morning ready for a new month and with it a fresh start. I know you do not have to wait for a new month or a Monday or even a new day to start again, but I love how beginnings feel like fresh starts. I love that each month my focus shifts. This month I am focusing on joy.

You may or may not know that November has become a month that many people attempt to write a novel. I plan on doing that this month, writing what may or may not be a novel. If you want more information this website has resources. Here are my specific goals for the month.

November: Be Playful and Seek Joy

-Trust intuition

-Do things that are fun

-Incorporate a daily activity that I am looking forward to or that makes me happy

-Play more board games

-Write fiction stories

As I have continued on this journey of trying to find happiness, I have realized a number of things. First, I should trust myself more than others, if that is the only thing I take away from this project then I will count it as an unqualified success. I also have learned to let go of what I think I should enjoy. When I planned this out last January, I thought I would want to watch more TV and movies this month, I thought I would want to play more video games, but as I have trusted myself I have realized that those things do not bring me joy or happiness. I get joy from baking, reading and learning. I get joy from being present in the moment, from jumping in the crunchy leaves, and just stopping and taking a breath and noticing how the leaves on a particular tree are aglow. Someone once described the falling leaves as natural confetti and I love the image and the idea of celebration that I now see anytime I look at the leaves. I have to say finding what those things are for you makes all the different, because trying to fit into a box that is not the right size or shape just leaves you feeling constantly uncomfortable, at least it does for me. I have used this project to come into my own and I am glad I am here.

What goals do you have for November? How do you plan on making it your own?


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