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New Years Joy!

Sunshine of a new day

Happy New Year! I love New Years! I do not love watching the ball drop or counting down the minutes, I do not go to any big party. I love the feeling that the whole world is new again. I love reflecting and looking back as well as looking ahead. I love to take stock of what happened; the good, the bad and the ugly of last year, and consider the years prior. For the past three years, I have used Tsh Oxenrider’s questions for New Year’s Eve and her goal setting sheets to plan in part for the new year. To be honest, I see New Years as a planner’s holiday, a time to look back and also to plan it out. An opportunity to give ourselves a fresh start, to find a newness in the day and to accept what has happened before and process before we move onto what is yet to come. If I am going to be honest, when I started reflecting this year, I saw more hard and challenge than I ever had before. This year I need a clean start. I need the opportunity to start anew. I have that in all ways, I am in a new place in a new year and nothing has been decided. I can choose where to head and where to go. I can also recognize that in spite of this year being overwhelming, I have grown during that time. I have handled the challenge better than usual. In this New Year, I wish you the best, but I also want you to know that no matter who you are you are enough. If nothing changes this year, if your goals come true, if you reflect at the end and you only see despair, it is okay. You are okay and even if you do not feel like that now, it will be okay, you are okay and just breathe. If the newness of New Years is overwhelming rather than exhilarating, that is okay too. You can start over anytime you choose, if you want to wait two months or a few years, or in an hour you can do that. Enjoy the joy that comes with a new year, but trust that this does not need to add stress or anxiety to your life. Breathe in and out and know it will all be okay.


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