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New Year New Reading Goals

I love seeing a shelves of books I am excited to read!

As I have posted in the past, I typically like to participate in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s yearly reading challenge and for every year that was not this one, it has been a joy. I loved the challenge and the way it pushed me as a reader. This past year was different. Rather than that challenge alone, I secretly attempted two additional reading challenges. I found myself only completing my Goodreads challenge for number of books, minutes before midnight by reading a children’s book to round it out.

This year I am planning to do it slightly differently. I am going to aim for slightly less, but more intentional and more focused. To start with rather than setting my Goodreads goal at 112 books, which would be my typical strategy of one more than last year. I set it at 12. Once I have read 12 books I plan on picking a new challenge and focusing on it almost exclusively. I think by focusing my efforts rather than trying to do them all at once, I will feel more purposeful in my reading life. I also plan on abandoning more books this year. I struggle with abandoning books, and have grown to abandon them only if they are terrifying. I am done reading semi-bad books, or put another way books that are not for me. If I am not excited to read it, I am going to put it down, take it off the list and move on. Life is too short to read bad books.

What are your reading goals this year? What changes do you plan to make? Any books you are looking forward too? I am looking forward to reading
Animal Vegetable Miracle,Michael Pollan’s backlist, and I just started Outlander the other day. I would love more suggestions.


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