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Favorite Breakfast Recipes

I have become someone who simplifies breakfast. I will occasionally make something new and exciting, but for now my breakfast is typically cereal. I prefer to not have to think when it comes to breakfast. I am looking for something that tastes good, will keep me full for a while and that energizes me.

When breakfast comes around and I am looking at other people’s recipes the ones I keep tend to be few and far between. I test out quite a lot but am usually disappointed with the results.  I am picky when it comes to breakfast and I am also quite hungry at breakfast time, typically I have exercised beforehand and am ready for some food.

I enjoy both savory and sweet breakfasts, and I expect my breakfasts to stand the test of time. I want them to be recipes I enjoy again and again.

Wow, I really love this meal!

The first standout is Quinoa Breakfast Eggs. I have found this recipe to be quite filling which is surprising based on the size of the portion. I also have served it to others who have also enjoyed it. I appreciate the variety in texture and taste. This breakfast is well seasoned and one I return to again and again. Also if you make the quinoa the night before this is a quick breakfast option.

These make me look forward to breakfast.

The second make ahead meal I love to make are No-Bake Almond Granola Bars. I like these because you can make them ahead of time, they feel decadent, but still have some nuts to keep you full. The one suggestion I would make is use regular oats rather than quick oats, the texture is chewier that way and I prefer that.

Granola bars, before being cut

Along similar lines, another breakfast I love to make are Healthy Homemade PB Energy Bars. This is one recipe my husband disagrees with me, basically because he does not like coconut and I do. These can be made the night before and I have also served them to people, who aren’t my husband and these were devoured quite quickly.

Oh, large delicious popovers!

Another recipe I love are popovers, these are not necessarily quick, but I thoroughly enjoy them and they are a nice decadent treat. Growing up we ate at Jordan Pond House, for tea once each summer and these were a staple. After learning to make them at home, you will never want to go elsewhere. I typically serve these with butter and strawberry jam, but any kind will do. These CANNOT be made ahead, you want to eat them warm almost right out of the oven.

This caramel-pecan roll makes me excited for breakfast

My final addition is a recent favorite. On Christmas I typically test out new recipes. I loved this Twisted Sticky Caramel-Pecan Roll. Two notes, one soften cream cheese way ahead of time, second the recipe repeats ingredients so disregard the second half. I used my go to pizza dough recipe the night before and then made it in the morning. I enjoyed it. Only time will tell if this lasts the test of time, but it tasted like a delicious cinnamon bun that had been slightly flattened.

What are your go-to breakfasts? Any suggestions of recipes to try?


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