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Book Hangover

I just finished Me Before You last Friday and experienced something I have never felt before, what can only be described as a book hangover. I felt hollow and lost and I had no desire to read anything else. I wanted to talk but I had no words. Nothing to say. I was absorbed and I saw the ending coming eventually but oh my gosh. I felt everything and nothing at once.

This feeling did end. A few days later I was willing to read something else. I even started the sequel (to almost immediately put down, because I do not want to tarnish my experience of the other book). I am in awe of the power of a good book. The power it has to make you feel things you never knew a book could make you feel. I am excited about my goal to ditch more books this year in the hopes that I can have moments like this where I find books that I will truly treasure.

Have you ever experienced a book hangover? If so which book? How have you worked through it?


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