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Making and Creating

Sourdough Bread, with concentric circles divided by an cross.

I think as humans we have an innate need to feel fulfilled and find purpose. One way I fill that need is by trying to create or make things. I find that at certain moments I am itching to produce. To create and see something to its completed state. I find joy from the product. I also though have noticed in myself the itching to produce for productions sake, the need to go, move, have a goal, and complete something that doesn’t come from a healthy place but of a place of lack and of seeking meaning. In some ways though, I think I end up putting too much stock in the product itself. I see creation as product driven, rather than recognizing the process and all that is learned along the way.

I think that often we always assume most people hate their jobs and this is far from the truth, but also even without jobs people I believe people would want to find intention. I am not one to dictate what this will look like, but I do know that the “dream” of sitting at home all day watching TV is not what it appears. I think that amount of time alone or with distractions helps us to see that those distractions are hollow and leads either to a depression or to seeking something else, finding a new distraction, or a real purpose that feels fulfilling.

For me, making and creating takes up numerous forms most notably cooking, baking, occasional crafting and writing. You may have noticed more writing from me this year than in the past. I am slowly and surely finding my way. Only when I stop and think do I realize what I have done. Only when I slow down can I start to see that my daily habits do seem to add up, five minutes here ten minutes there and what seems like a simple hobby really is a major part of my life. I do not know what your thing will be- art, music, ideas, technology just to name a few, but I want to encourage you to do it. Make the time, even if it is just a few moments. I started cooking one dish a week or possibly less, and then each new attempt I got more confident and better. To be honest, it will not and does not always feel like you are getting better, only in hindsight will you see it, but I would encourage you all the same. Do the things that make you feel alive, that you do more for the process than the product and enjoy the experience. I find it makes the daily so much more worthwhile.


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