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I am not sure how you are when you are sick, but I do not like it. I want it to end as soon as possible. I also have a tendency to use myself as a human test subject. I try out remedies to see which ones work for me and which do not. Here is my current list of things that help me when I am sick and hopefully they will help you too!

A polka dot mug in red and green.
Warm tea always helps
  • No Dairy- I have written about this before. I find when I do not eat dairy, I feel like there is less phlegm in my throat and I feel better. I do sometimes struggle with this one because I absolutely love dairy, but I find it to be worth it.
  • Hot Tea- I find this to loosen anything still left in the back of my throat. The steam and the heat seem to decongest me. I drink lots of tea when I am feeling under the weather.
  • Water- I drink lots of water to help flush out my system and to keep me feeling better.
  • Straws- This is a personal preference, but when my throat is sore the last thing I want to do is drink water or tea, and I find drinking from a straw to be helpful. When I have a straw I find the whole process easier and I am more likely to do what I need to feel better. We own metal straws and as long as I pay attention to the temperature when drinking tea from them I like to use them for both hold and cold beverages. If you do so beware they will heat up when placed in a hot beverage so use with caution.
  • Popsicles- When I am sick and avoiding dairy, I usually am slightly bummed. Popsicles are fun and soothe a sore throat.
  • Chapstick- This may be an obvious sick essential, but for me my lips and basically all the skin from my nose to below my lips gets severely chapped. I usually apply a thick coat of chapstick as soon as I notice I am feeling sick to combat this. Be for-warned though some chapsticks will sting and make the whole process work. You may need to test them out until you find one that is nonreactive with your skin. Sometimes I fall back on Vaseline when that is the case.
  • Hot Shower or Hot Bath- I find again the heat to help loosen anything in your nose and throat and they help you just feel more like yourself.
  • Rest- If you can finding time to rest, going to bed early, and doing less tend to be the best thing to help my body heal. I am usually more tired and if I am being honest more irritable when I am sick. Sleep helps and rest means lying in bed with eyes closed whether you sleep or not. I find it to be quite restorative.

What are your sick remedies? I am always looking for new ones to test. Anything you find particularly helpful would be much appreciated.


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