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What’s Been Saving My Life This Winter

I love the idea of considering what has been saving my life this winter and if you are looking for more ideas check out Modern Mrs. Darcy’s link up to see more of what has been saving the lives of others this winter too.

1. Sleep

I started getting enough sleep last week, by going to bed quite early. I did not realize how lack of sleep was affecting me this winter, but by trying to be in bed early I have felt much more at peace with the world around me and ready to handle whatever comes my way.

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2. Warm Lemon Water and Tea in the morning.

I don’t drink coffee; the caffeine gives me headaches. Instead this year I have focused on drinking a cup of hot lemon water and tea first thing in the morning. I am loving the warmth they give me and a sense of purpose when I wake up and go about my day.

Yellow lined paper sitting on purple background with gold polka dot and green pen sitting atop pad.

3. All the writing.

I have focused this winter on writing more, for myself, in a journal and here. I have found that all the writing is really helping me process as I am going through this hard season of moving and starting over. I have found that rather than just ignoring it and letting it fester, I am processing as I go.

4. Salvation Army

Before we moved, we were in the process of trying to get rid of a couch. We liked the couch, it was in good shape, but it did not fit into our new apartment. We arranged a pick up online and they came and removed the couch from our house it was so easy and I was glad I could donate to a good cause.

5. Movers

This move, we were blessed with actual movers. People came and packed all our stuff and drove it for us to our new place where they then brought in all the boxes and reassembled furniture. They came back at a later point to pick up all the used boxes. I have to say. I found this whole process to work much better than I initially anticipated. I was nervous and stressed, but I should not have been. With movers I basically did nothing. I was so grateful for their help as we started over.

Woman in crow pose

6. Yoga With Adriene- Dedicate Program

I have loved Yoga With Adriene for quite a bit, but since our move my motivation has been lacking. I have appreciated this program as a way to keep me on track with daily yoga and to motivate me even when I am not feeling it. I am slowly finding my regular motivation again, but I appreciate the forward momentum this gave me.

7. Warm Baths with a Book

I have always loved baths. I find them to be a nice way to slow down. We now have a tub with an actual built in stopper, which makes the process much easier. I have found the warmth of a tub with a good book is a combination that I am loving this winter. I also have a dedicated ziplock for my kindle so that I am not worried about a drop or two getting onto it and ruining the whole process. You can still read and turn pages through the ziplock! I find the ritual of it just allows me to slow down and savor rather than rush from one thing to the next.

8. Creative Cooking Endeavors

Recently we joined a meat subscription, where a collection of local farms get together and ship quality meat to my door. I was so excited, and then I realized how this is not the way I typically meal plan. I feel strongly about ethically treated animals, raised in pastures. I just did not know how to start to plan around these new cuts of meat. I am still learning in that way, but one thing that has helped is I have started to attempt more creative cooking endeavors. I have started saving recipes that I see on the internet or that are shared with me that require few ingredients. By saving these recipes, I have ideas to work from when I am trying to use up produce, or trying to cook without going to the store. I am enjoying this creativity more than I expected to and I find it to be a good way to use my pantry to it’s fullest. I also am surprised by some of the delicious recipes I am finding in the process. I feel like this is a win all around. I am creating less food waste and finding ways to inventively use what I have.

What has been saving your life and helping you through this season? I know winter can be tough with the excessive cold and darkness. I would love to know what is helping you!


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