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Happiness Project Wrap Up

Am I happier now, then I was a year ago when I started the project?

Woman on the beach in a scarf with arms outstretched and a smile on her face.
Oh the beach!

As I look over my happiness project, here is what I can say. My happiness project forced me to live out what I thought I was and who I thought I was. At times, that worked for the best, at other times it felt like I was wearing a sweater that was too tight. Sometimes when I was walking the talk, I realized that I am not that person. I do not care about the things I thought I cared about. I am not sure if I was always different or the change was more recent.

Here are things I learned for better or for worse.

  • Routines give me a sense of sanity and are vital to my growth. I am obsessed with habits and I find that work to be life giving.
  • Many goals cannot be achieved overnight and will take time to accomplish. It is okay for a goal to be a work in progress.
  • Challenges should be small. I find small steps to be more achievable than trying to take leaps overnight.
  • For me at times, ignorance in larger matters does not ultimately change my life. I find the amount of distress I get from following the daily news is not worth it. I am happier and better to the world if I am not emotionally involved in every tragedy.
  • I will never write a novel. I do not like writing fiction.

In the end, this challenge gave me permission to be myself. I learned a bit more about who I am and who I am not. I learned strategies for going slowing and giving myself more grace. I did not do everything I planned, but I think I know so much more about myself now than I did a year ago. That knowledge is the gift. By knowing myself better, I am able to do better and feel more confident in doing what I think is right even if it does not meet societal expectations.


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