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The Belt

Striped shirt and grey sweater topped with large brown belt leather in the center and stretchy around the sides.
The Belt

One of the things I am reluctant to share here are my thoughts on style. I am not the most stylish person. I have not often given thought to style. In the past year or so I have started to genuinely make an effort. I started to find what works for me. I am still working out what my sense of style looks like and finding myself in fashion.

As I look through the past I can see items that were and some that still are important to me. One of the more recent items that I love is this belt. I found that where I previously felt shapeless the belt adds enough structure for me to appreciate the way I look. I find simply wearing it gives me confidence. I like to add it to any outfit and I just feel more like me.

This belt was purchased at Marshalls many years ago, and I still wear it. I do not wear it with the zeal I used to, I have toned it down a bit, but I do find this belt to be a staple in my wardrobe. It seems to fix dresses that do not fit just right, it helps add shape to flowing garments. I honestly love this belt. As I wear it more, it wears, and not the best. I have yet to find another to replace it and so it remains, fairly well worn and fairly old. Yet, I find that the belt was the beginning. The belt helped me find myself in clothes, helped me to make choices that started me down a path to looking a way I want, to being less like the crowd and listening to my own sense of style instead.

Do you have any items that do that? Any pieces of clothing that give you confidence or that make you feel like you? If so share about them below I would love to know what makes you come alive.


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