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Stigma of Being Overweight

Woman holding loaf of bread in front of her face, it is massive.
Oh bread.

I am overweight, in a technical sense. My BMI places me in the overweight category. I exercise daily and I eat healthy foods. I know places I could improve and change, but many of my habits are not detrimental to my health. Lately I have been struggling with feeling like I will never figure this out. I know that this seems typical and this problem is not novel. I feel silly even typing this out, but I know someone out there might feel the same. I have chosen to accept what others say that overweight means, that I am lazy or that I am not working hard enough. Rather than focusing on this and feeling like a failure, I am working to shift my thinking habits to be more positive. I can instead of focusing on what I have not achieved yet, focus on how lucky I am to be able to slow down and make changes to create sustainable change. I am able to stop obsessing and rather start to put energy into productive ways to create change. I am choosing to focus on the possibility and the joy in the process. I will learn healthy habits for me and my home, because I cook so therefore whatever food habits I shift will shift for all involved. I will find ways to try again. This is a good test of my resilience and a way for me to show that I am capable. This can be one more accomplishment and one more success. I know this is not out of reach, but I have been lazy. I have not focused on my goal and I have not listened to my body when it was trying to tell me what to do. I used food as a crutch and I am stronger now and I can find other strategies that will help me cope more productively and positively.

What are thought patterns you struggle with? Any ways you turn them around for better?


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