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What I Learned From Yoga With Kassandra

If you have reading my blog for any amount of time, you have probably noticed my love of yoga. Last year I wrote about finishing Yoga with Adriene and I reflected on how that changed me. Last year in the chaos of all our moving I finished all the videos on the Youtube Channel Yoga with Kassandra. I find reflecting on what yoga has taught me to be a useful practice.

Woman folded over in a bent over butterfly position with head touching toes
The joy at being able to touch my head to my toes.

There is a time for both strength and softness.

Yoga with Kassandra was an interesting mix compared to Yoga with Adriene. She has classes that are more challenging and less challenging. She has moments in her classes that are quite challenging and push you to try things you never would have before, whether it is a headstand or a bird of paradise pose. She also always ends each class with an extended shavasana. She recognizes the need for both strength and softness and it is evident in her classes as well as in life. Sometimes you need to exert effort and sometimes what is needed is to soften and simply be as yourself.

Woman leaning over front leg with arms clasped behind.
You can see how exciting it was for me to be able to bind my hands!

Stillness can be a greater challenge than strength.

Yoga with Kassandra does a number of yin yoga classes. These require you to sit in a pose for a number of minutes without moving or shifting. Interestingly enough, although these classes can seem easier, sometimes sitting with yourself in a pose forces you to see things you would not already, to breathe and accept. I think this concept applies to life in general, rather than trying to fix and shift, just sitting breathing and allowing life to be as it is is quite a helpful practice. I am usually the type of person who rather than sit with something, I move onto the next task or the next fix. Some things in life cannot be fixed, sometimes the only thing to do is accept it as it comes good or bad.

When I started doing her videos I realized I was not used to the amount of quiet and I would continually check to make sure the video was on. I think it is important to spend time in the stillness and the quiet. Both are part of life and we often do not spend enough time trusting in the stillness.

Nothing needs to be taken so seriously.

I tend to be quite serious, but sometimes in classes of yoga you fall. I fall all the time. I am learning and trying new things and I always found that Kassandra was authentic and falling did not feel like a failure, but I was able to let go and just enjoy the process of trying it out. This is true of my daily life. I need not take it so seriously, but rather I can simply enjoy the daily process of living. The joy upon actually getting a pose after you have fallen quite a bit is indescribable.

Strength and flexibility are gained through patience and consistency.

I found my flexibility grew quite a bit in the process of doing Yoga with Kassandra videos. This was not necessarily intentional, but I found that both my strength and my flexibility were cultivated over time. I may minuscule process daily and then overtime I was able to do things I could never do before. Sometimes you do not see the process as it comes, but rather you only see once you have arrived.

I hope you found this interesting. I would recommend Yoga With Kassandra, but be ready for both challenge and quiet. I thoroughly enjoyed her videos. I have recently started another Yoga YouTube Channel and I will check back in and share how it goes. If you have any yoga suggestions, please comment below.


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