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Top 10 Self Growth Books

I have written before to share a list of books that I have read that fall into this category, but today I thought I would share with you my favorites and a bit more about them. When I consider a self growth book, I consider it to be a book that changed my thinking and forced me to re-examine the world in a new light that made me a better person and made me feel less alone.

  1. Found by Micha Boyett. This book reminded me that there are small daily things to be grateful for and small things can be beautiful too.
  2. Notes From A Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenrider. The author encourages you to be yourself and shows you there are nontraditional ways of living. Also she shows you that you are allowed to change and grow your thoughts can be flexible rather than static.
  3. Braving the Wilderness by Brené Brown. I loved that this book taught me how to belong to myself. As someone who moves frequently I still struggle with belonging, but I appreciated how she presented the idea that authenticity is real belonging and you need to belong to yourself. I also felt like Brené dove into the tough issues and I appreciated her practical advice.
  4. Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman. I found this book to be a refreshing view on how to slow down and accept the present. I loved that Emily was writing about things I could relate to. She acknowledges the hard parts and yet shows you how to find a way through and with love and acceptance.
  5. Do Over by Jon Acuff. I loved the permission this book gives you to start again. I found the practical advice about staring over with a new career to be refreshing and this is a book I could see myself reading over and over again.
  6. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. I found this book to be a call for us to find our essential selves and in the process to slow down and single task. To be our best selves more rather than simply trying to be more to everyone else and less to ourselves.
  7. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I appreciated that this book calls us to look for daily and small ways to increase our happiness by shifting our point of view and seeing life differently. As you probably know I embarked on my own happiness project last year, and I found that focusing on those things I wanted to cultivate was an amazing way for me to find out who I am, and which parts are simply ones I think I should be versus who I am in my core.
  8. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. I found this book to be a call to be authentic and it will have you confront patterns that you may have been engaging in for quite a while. This book I found hard to read in that it encapsulated me in a way I was not sure was possible, but I know I am better for having read it and considering the content.
  9. Essentialism by Greg Mckeown. I found this book to encourage a concerted effort of less but better. Rather than trying to do it all this book encourages you to slow down and intentionally choose and put your effort in a narrower direction where you can have more impact. I loved this mindset and how it encourages us all to use our unique gifts to make the world a bit better.
  10. Soultypes by Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jane A.G. Kise. This book combines Meyers Briggs and religion and looks at the different ways individuals connect to religion. I have mixed feelings about personality typing, because I often feel like humans do not fit neatly into a single category. I did find this book helped me to explore different facets of religion and I learned more about myself through reading it.

What are your favorite self growth books? Any books that have made you who you are today? I am always on the lookout for new books.


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