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Things I Love Thursday

Today I want to start a new series. This is a list of things I am loving and I want to share new things that are bringing me joy. Things that make me happy, they can include the more mundane to the more exciting, but I want a place to share joy. Feel free to share things you are loving below. I love to spread what is making me happy to others.

Shutterbean’s Instagram

I started following for her meal prep, but what I love is how she encapsulates moments of joy with her camera. She finds the light in small things, or the raindrops on a flower. I love that her daily finds help me focus on the ordinary and the small.

Carrot Soup

Carrot soup with a slice of bread, topped with cilantro in a bowl with a blue design.
It was delicious.

Yes, this is also from Shutterbean, but I found that it was simple to make with pantry staples and it is delicious. I feel like it tastes like a carrot version of tomato bisque and would be great with a grilled cheese.


I have found that sticking to a routine lately is making me feel like myself and doing the same things in the same order gives me a lot of peace in my soul.

Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

This song is my spirit song. I cannot not sing to it, and I am not even sure I can listen to it only one time. Usually it comes on my iPhone and I need to repeat it at least once or twice. I heard it for the first time and listened to it nonstop for an entire day. Clearly I love it.

My Creative Cooking Ideas Pinterest Board

One of the things I have been focusing on recently is trying to stick to my food budget. This is a challenge because I spend a large portion on meat each month. I want only pasture raised and therefore a large portion goes to meat. To compensate I have started trying to get creative with pantry staples. This board contains meals that I can make with one or two ingredients missing or if I am feeling so inclined by a quick trip to the store. I am finding this keeps me on budget. Also be aware none of these are recipes I have tried, once I try them they are removed from the board and either printed or forgotten about.

What are some things you are loving this Thursday? What has been bringing you joy?


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