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Driving Styles In the US

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We have not lived everywhere. We have lived in a few distinct states Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, and now New Hampshire. One thing I have learned for sure is that drivers approach it quite differently based on where they are located.

Connecticut and New Hampshire have a number of similarities. The roads are windy here and those driving on them feel a need to speed and go quite fast most of the time, even on smaller local roads. I think in part that is because those local roads are used quite frequently. I find at least now the need to speed to be overwhelming and I keep wondering where people are going in such a hurry. The speeding seems to lead to crashing and then stop and go traffic. This is a more frequent occurrence than anywhere else I have lived. I think partially because of the speed and the density of people living here. People here also seem to treat stop lights as optional, and will frequently drive through a red light.

In Florida, drivers did frequently speed, but the highways were typically not traffic filled. They were wide open so the speeding had less dramatic effects. Although you would frequently see cars completely flipped upside down and wonder how that had occurred. There was also a large mix of people who drove the speed limit or slower. People treated yellow lights as stop lights, and were much more patient with pedestrians.

In Iowa, drivers most of the time drove the speed limit on all the lanes on the highway. They drove slower in poor conditions. It seemed people were in less of a hurry and more aware of others around them. I appreciated this more than I realized. I found it a comfort that driving the speed limit was the norm.

How do people drive where you live? Any thing you have noticed?


3 thoughts on “Driving Styles In the US”

  1. I noticed that in Florida people frequently came onto the freeway quite slowly and then sped up quickly soon after fully merging. This was hard for us in a motorhome going faster than the merge speed but not as fast as the next lane over speed. Last week we were in Texas where everyone was going about the speed limit. While we made trillions of wrong turns due to access road misunderstandings, the access roads sure cut out a lot of on and off traffic which snarls up our freeways super bad in California.


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