About, Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

These are the things that are bringing me joy lately. Feel free to share what is bringing you joy in the comments.


I am a big believer in universal healthcare. As we moved, my husband’s new insurance took a little over a month to actually go into effect and a few weeks later we finally got our insurance cards. I am blessed to have insurance and I found getting the cards in the mail to be so exciting. I am glad to know that if something happens we are ready.


The weather has been quite chilly lately and as my husband and I are learning the windows leave much to be desired in their ability to withstand the breeze. I am finding myself walking around in a blanket most days. I am loving how warm and cozy I feel and I am more likely to do things if I just wrap myself up in a blanket.

Portion Control

For years I have heard this as a way to help keep eating under control. I found the idea to be limiting. Instead though I recently thought I would give it a try. I love the idea of being able to eat any foods as long as I pay attention to the amounts. I have been loving it and I am finding myself using food more as fuel than as a comfort blanket which is making me happier as a whole.

Language Applications

As my husband and I are preparing for a trip to Japan, I have been working on my Japanese with Duolingo which has been great. My ability to speak Japanese is not great, but I feel more confident reading it and understanding parts of it. In an effort to assist, my sister who has been to Japan also sent me this link of phrases to help get me through. After our trip to Italy, where we did not know enough of the language to get my, my husband and I have take to aggressively learning languages so as to feel more confident when there. In addition to learning we usually download the map of the area we are staying in Google Maps so we have access to it without internet. We also use the Google Translate App to download a language which helps with translating phrases and also has a function where you can hold it up to an object in another language and it will transpose the translation for you. I find this to be world changing and it allows me to travel with confidence.


I have found recently I am tired and I have not slept well so I have been trying to take extra naps and sleep more on the weekends. I find sleep to be essential and I think I am probably the only person I know who loves her bed more than any other. I love my bed more than any hotel or any other I have ever slept in. I find it to be the best and I look forward to going to sleep every night because of it.

Amazon Prime Workout Videos

Last week I pulled my neck and then a few days later my back. I realize for me this is a sign I am not keeping up my strength, so I started looking for workouts. I just searched on Amazon Prime Videos and we now have so many options of new workouts each day that help me gain strength in my own home. I am always surprised by all the perks of Amazon that I often forget about, this is one I really appreciate.

What are you loving this week? Simple or special I would love to know. Comment below to share!


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