5 Cooking Tips

Everything cut chopped and ready to go
  1. Prepare your ingredients ahead of time. If you chop ahead you will know- 1. that you have everything you need and 2. that you will be able to enjoy the process. Having everything ready means you are not rushing at the last minute, but instead can enjoy the process and reread the recipe as many times as it takes.
  2. Read the recipe ahead of time. This way you won’t go to start cooking and realize it takes 16 hours to marinate.
  3. If safe to do so, taste your food and adjust as needed. Obviously do not taste if there is raw meat or eggs involved, but as you are able taste as you go. If you do not like a sauce before you start cooking it, you probably won’t love it after it is cooked. Yes, wine does mellow, but most flavors grow stronger with heat. If you taste as you go, you can alter the recipe to be something you may enjoy more.
  4. Cut all your vegetables before you chop your meat. If you do this you can use less knives and cutting boards, simply transfer your vegetables to another dish and use the same knife.
  5. Most things can be fixed with some concoction of cheese, sour cream, spices or a sauce. My husband’s go to is to add taco seasoning to everything. I am a sour cream person myself. If you cooked and it tastes off, try to add or fix it so it is edible. I call this food doctoring and I am a master at this myself.

What are any tips you have for people in the kitchen? I would love it if you would share them below.


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