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Shopping- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I feel like I am confessing a sin when I say that I hate shopping. I know it is a huge part of life and I should state that I do not hate all shopping all the time. I used to enjoy grocery shopping, and I believe that is more location based than gone for good which I will share in a future post.

I guess what I am trying to say is that shopping for clothes, going to the mall, and walking around looking for things is not my jam. I have done it for years. I have gone with friends, and honestly I probably would still go with friends, but the reason I do that is to spend time with someone not to actually buy things. I feel like I have shared before that I am more minimalist, so the accumulation of stuff feels exhausting to me. The process of shopping is as well. I am picky and finding something I like often takes time and trial and error. To be honest finding a pair of jeans I liked took me months. I go shopping with others because I enjoy their company and I know that I am not actually likely to buy anything at all. I find though going without a purpose without either a friend to talk to or a specific item to purchase to be daunting and exhausting.

I went to buy yoga pants a few weeks ago at Target. I knew the style I wanted to try and had looked it up so once in the store I could compare item numbers to the item number of what I was looking through and find what I was looking for. Yes, it took time, but being on a mission made it easier. I looked at nothing else but yoga pants. If I were just to browse Target, with the intent of shopping at random I would be overwhelmed. I have gone and walked Target with my husband as something to do in the winter and used it as a point of discussion, what do you think of this or that, but again I knew nothing would be purchased. A few weeks ago I went to the mall, and also yesterday. I have to say I absolutely hate the mall. I went on a weekend and just parking was a nightmare, although yesterday I went on a weekday and the parking was just as bad, so maybe it is just malls here. Then inside there were so many people I felt overwhelmed before I got to the stores I was looking for.

God's In Alabama with a bookmark and a sticker on top of a package
Even the occasional book I buy online.

To combat all this I do most of my shopping online when I can. I buy things from Amazon, and other online distributers. The problem is clothing and not knowing how something will fit, because I only buy clothing when I need something. I am never sure of my size, which varies between brands and I am a big believer in trying something on before I purchase it so I know I will not be returning it later. Hence the need to go shopping.

As I said before I do my grocery shopping once per week in a store, but that is a topic for another post.

How do you feel about shopping? Any tips or tricks for making the whole process simpler and easier? What do you do?


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