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What I’ve Learned This Winter

Not Everything Gets Easier With Time

Image of Welcome /Bienvenue New Hampshire Live Free or Die Sign

We moved to New Hampshire and I expected life to get simpler, instead though everything feels exhausting. Some days to be honest I feel like I am walking through soup, everything takes time and energy in a way it did not previously. This shows I am paying attention, but also shows that comfort can stagnate. Moving did not get easier, but I am not ignoring the hardness and the sadness as it comes. I am instead working through it.

A Warm Oven Makes All The Difference

We have only lived in rentals, but finally having an oven that is closer to the proper temperature it is about 5 degrees hot rather than 15 degrees cold means that my recipes do not take double the time they would before.

Latkes are easier to make when you are calmer


We usually make latkes to celebrate Hanukkah, even though we aren’t Jewish. This year they turned out the best ever, I think because I trusted myself and the process.

Big Changes Shake You Out of Complacency

One of the things change does is that it shakes us out of our patterns and forces us to be aware of things we were not previously aware of. We are lucky to have the opportunity to make a change and start over intentionally.

There is a need to Intentionally and Slowly Cultivate My Life

One thing I realized this winter is that I cannot do it all. I had to cut some ideas of who I was to preserve my sanity and move in a direction that worked for me.

Food is not always the answer

Plate with scrambled eggs a fork and a teacup filled with blueberries on a wooden surface

Someone once said the only problem food can solve is hunger. In the past few weeks I have worked at being more intentional with my portions and listening to my body and I am finding that to be true. Food as a comfort creates more problems than it solves. I am finally feeling more free to eat what I want and have less guilt because I am not overdoing it. I do not come away stuffed and feeling gross, but rather having truly enjoyed the moments of eating and relishing each bite.

What have you learned this winter? Any takeaways?


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned This Winter”

  1. Thank you for the thought on food and hunger. Yes. The answer to my life’s conundrums does not live in the fridge.
    And I’m just across the Presumpscot in Maine. Not sure where you lived before, but New England winters do drag on the ankles a bit.
    Thanks for this great list of learning!

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  2. “The only problem food can solve is hunger.” Wow! Such great wisdom there. I’m down the road from you in Lynn, Massachusetts. I hope New England gets easier on you. This time of year is the worst!

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  3. Intentionally slowing down and savoring life – is one of my top priorities. Not always good at it…but I keep it at the forefront. And, food is not the answer. Oh, how true! But it seems when I “slow down” I always enjoy it more with “just a little something”!! Goodness. Enjoyed your post today!

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