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A Little More About Me

I know at this point if you have been reading for a bit you will know some things about me, but I figured I would use this time to share a little more. I started blogging in high school and college, but I was not consistent. I was not able to put up content and to be honest I loved food, but I did not share my cooking because I failed quite a lot and because I did not think I would ever be able to write a recipe. Now that I have been blogging here for a bit over a year, I want to share the truth. I still fail quite a lot. I make things that are recipes that I do not love and to create a recipe myself takes time and effort and many attempts to get it just as I want it. I thought I had to wait until I was done, or a finished product to start sharing my journey. I thought I could only share recipes because I am passionate about food. What I have learned though is that this blog will change as I do, it will grow and adapt and I am willing and able to try new things. I think it will always involve food because food is my favorite, but I do not have to be a finished product. I find the process of writing to be useful even if I never share it. I enjoy working through ideas and thinking in community. I look forward to every comment and find it fascinating that people read this blog from places I have never been.

I did not always blog and career wise, I have been a bit all over the place. I have worked at Old Navy, worked as an office assistant, and worked as a teacher. I probably at some point down the line will have more of a “career” in a traditional sense again, but for now. I love that this is what I get to do every weekday. I look forward to sharing and seeing your response and I would like to say thank you for reading, even if you never comment or like, I appreciate you and I hope in some small way I inspire you to do what makes you come alive.


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