5 Blogging Videos

Is blogging old?

It doesn’t need to be. I find blogging to be as relevant as you choose to make it.

One of my goals for the upcoming months is to become a better blogger. In the first few months of this year I have started being extremely consistent and blogging five days a week, but I do feel like there are many things I can do to improve.

Below are five videos I watched recently that helped me think of blogging differently. I share them in the hopes they may help you too.

Blogging in General

I loved the commonsense tips this video has.
I appreciated these tips for conceptual thinking about blogging.

Videos about Writing a Post

I found this video to help me think about clarity of how to write a post. I think some of his tips are applicable and useful.
This video shares ideas about a good hook.
This video gives tips for how to include a video in a blogpost in a way that makes sense.

Please share below any videos that have helped you or any resources that have been useful to you as you blogged.


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